Sri Lanka has a very rich culture and every Sri Lankan is proud of that. As Sri Lankans living overseas we have always endeavoured to promote our culture and heritage, which dates back over 2500 years. Our culture, which centred around family values is also respected by non Sri Lankans.

One of the primary objectives of the New Zealand Sri Lanka Foundation is to promote Sri Lankan culture and heritage. With a view to achieve this objective we have organised many high profile events such as bringing talented artists from Sri Lanka and arts and craft festivals and food fairs etc. Many Sri Lankans living here have participated in these activities and supported and encouraged us in many ways as these events have brought them pride and fame.heritage-01-thumb

Our culture is inter-twined with a number of Religions. In the Foundation we are fortunate enough to work with people who have different religious beliefs and backgrounds. We also keep in touch with all the religious institutions in New Zealand. The following links will take you to the web-sites maintained by those institutions and we encourage you to visit those sites. Cricket has played a major role in promoting Sri Lanka internationally.





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